Worship Ministers


Altar Servers

The altar servers assist the priests in ensuring that the worship we offer is of our best. They look after the silver and the linens used in worship, light the candles, put out books and generally help to prepare the sanctuary for worship. They also assist during the Eucharist in carrying the cross and candles and in helping to set up the altar at the Offertory ands clear things away after Holy Communion. They then help to tidy up after the service has ended. Their role is to try and ensure that our worship is a thing of beauty, dignified and pleasing to God. They help the clergy in working to make our church a place of peace, quiet meditation and joy. Serving at the altar is a wonderful opportunity to help enhance the worship of our church, and to learn more about the liturgy. New altar servers (both children and adults) are always welcome. Please see Sarah Fitchett or one of the clergy.



Eucharistic Assistants

Eucharistic Assistants are those people chosen from our congregation by the PCC, and licensed by the Bishop of Manchester, to help with the distribution of the Blessed Sacrament by administering Holy Communion, either the chalice or the hosts (the consecrated bread of Christ’s Body). Anyone interested in participating in this ministry should speak to one of the clergy.




These are the people who help to lead our prayers at the 10.00am Sung Eucharist. They are asked to prepare and write their own prayers, based on the theme of the day and the Scripture readings. They are people who believe in the power of prayer and who strive to pray daily in their own lives. Help and training can be given for those wishing to share in this importantr ministry of prayer.




To read the Scriptures well is a gift that some people can offer to the worshipping community. This means reading, not only with clarity, but with the right tone of voice and expression to get across the message of God's holy word. This means that readers have an essential role in the liturgy, and they must be committed to the task and reliable. Readers have a role at both the 8.30am and the 10.00am services on a Sunday. Please contact the clergy, if you would like to join the team of readers.



Sidespeople / Welcomers

The sidespeople perform many functions, some visible, many unseen. Their primary task is to welcome everyone who comes in through the door to join us for worship. They also try and answer any questions newcomers may have; hand out hymn books, service leaflets and notice sheets; take the collection; and ensure that the church is tidy both before and after our worship. Some of the sidespeople stay and count the collection after the service. This is an especially rewarding ministry for people who are relative newcomers. Please contact the churchwardens if you are interested in this ministry.