Mission Statement

Parish Mission Statement

  • We believe that everyone is known and loved by God

  • We are here to share that love of God, as shown to us in Jesus Christ

  • We welcome everyone

  • Like God, we accept and love people for who they are

  • Our goal is that everyone who worships here will feel valued, respected, and aware that they make a unique contribution to the Christian community

  • We aim to help people discover their gifts and use them and so grow to become more and more their own true selves 

  • We offer support, help and guidance to each other as we make the same journey of faith

  • We seek to reconcile people to one another and all things to God

  • As members of the Body of Christ we seek to implement a Shared Vision for St Mary’s and work together for the Kingdom of God

To do this we recognise that we have to commit ourselves

to regular public worship and private prayer

and be open to the Holy Spirit who guides us